• Temporary

    Storage Solutions

    These solutions are often utilized during various situations such as moving, remodeling, decluttering, or when you need extra space for a limited period.

  • portable outdoor structure

    Temporary Shed

    Temporary sheds can be used for storing tools, gardening equipment, outdoor furniture, seasonal decorations, and other belongings that may not have a designated place inside your home.

  • temporary or portable shelters

    Construction Shelters

    Construction shelters, also known as temporary or portable shelters, are structures used in construction sites to provide protection, storage, and workspace for workers, equipment, and materials.

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Swift Set Structures specializes in the custom-manufacturing of industrial fabric buildings and shelters.

Our Services

Temporary Storage Solutions

Temporary storage solutions refer to short-term options for storing items, belongings, or goods for a limited period.

Temporary Shed

Temporary sheds can be used for storing tools, gardening equipment, outdoor furniture, seasonal decorations, and other belongings that may not have a designated place inside your home.

Temporary Warehouse

These structures are designed to be erected quickly and can be used to store goods, equipment, materials, or to create temporary workspace. While steel or aluminum structures are more durable for longer-term use.

Construction Shelters

These shelters serve a range of purposes, including shielding workers from adverse weather conditions, safeguarding tools and materials, and enhancing the overall efficiency of construction projects.

Industrial Shelter

An industrial shelter is a specialized structure designed to meet the unique needs of industrial settings. These shelters are used to provide protection, workspace, storage, or containment solutions within industrial environments.

Weather Structures

Weather structures, often referred to as weatherproof or weather-resistant structures, are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and provide protection from the elements.

Why us?

Success installing fabric shelters


Our comprehensive turnkey packages, adaptable leasing options, and unmatched installation and support services make it clear why we’ve supplied temporary fabric structures and semi-permanent industrial buildings for some of the nation’s most significant projects and events. With swift deployment and seasoned installation expertise, our fabric buildings offer the ideal solution for a wide range of industries.

With our commitment to swift deployment and our team’s seasoned installation expertise, our fabric buildings stand as the ideal solution for a multitude of industries. Whether your project is in construction, manufacturing, or event management, our structures provide the versatility and reliability required to meet your specific needs.


Fastest Response Times

We pride ourselves on our rapid response time. Queries and concerns are addressed promptly, ensuring our clients receive the quickest and most efficient support, enhancing their overall rental experience.


Custom Solutions

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Exceptional Customer Service

Delivering outstanding customer service, assisting clients with prompt responses, expert guidance, and proactive solutions, ensuring a seamless and stress-free rental experience.

Our Clients

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A Fabric Structure for Your Unique Industry and Purpose

Fabric structure may change significantly depending on your industry and application. That’s why we’re proud to offer accessories for our shelter systems. Whether you need heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, flooring, specialty doors, insulation, or any other options for your sheltered space, we offer a variety of add-on features so that your fabric structure can be optimized to suit your specific needs and environmental conditions.

For more information about Swift Set Structures, please contact us today. We’re proud to offer outstanding lead times after receiving your order, enabling you to get to work as soon as possible.

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